Isnin, 31 Oktober 2011

Shine ur mud-streaked car

Shine ur mud-streaked car with numerous scratches on d body paint at #1818CarSpa #MilkADeal
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Your car's lacking the shine?

MAD Deal of the Day: RM52 instead of RM250 for Car Wash + 3-step Polish + Wax + Tar Removal + Windscreen Treatment + Vacuuming + UK Nano Mist Treatment + Dashboard Treatment + Engine Wash + Tyre Shining at 1818 Car Spa & Beauty, 2 Locations.
Buying a car is an investment in itself. A mud-streaked car with numerous scratches on the body paint is not going to win you any new friends.
Get your car gleaming with 1818 Car Spa & Beauty!
Tell your friends about this deal and be rewarded with every purchase they make through your link.

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